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Fresh Things

I love finding a good farmers’ market. Today we strolled through the streets of downtown Boise, Idaho and sampled an amazing assortment of fresh grown foods.

Our morning started out with a coffee at a local shop that reputedly had the best coffee in town. That’s a phrase you hear a lot, but I have to admit that it was at least the best coffee I’ve had in Boise so far…

We then met up with family and began our urban market exploration…

There were fresh vegetables and fruit of course, but also cheese, honey, bread, wine, crepes and flowers of all sorts.

It reminded me of the markets in France.

It was getting warm out, and pretty crowded, so we made our final purchases and worked our way back to our little guest house a few blocks away…

Seriously, when you are able to find porcini mushrooms in Boise, Idaho I think we are finally able to enjoy the kinds of markets that little villages in France and Italy have had for generations.



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Calla Lilies

Someone in a Flickr Group made a comment that flowers have been photographed so much that it is pretty much impossible to photograph them in an interesting way. I couldn’t disagree with this idea more. The fact that something has been done well in the past should never prevent us from attempting it ourself. The way that we look at the world is unique. Your voice is unlike any other.

Don’t let anyone stifle your creativity or passion. Don’t be afraid to go where others have gone before. Take up the challenge and make it your thing, approached in your unique way. I’m interested in hearing what you have to say. I couldn’t give a hill of beans if someone has spoken on the subject before.

I hope you like my flowers.


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