Learning Things

The original idea behind this blog was to inspire and help people find their passion. Sometimes I get sidetracked. I feel like I’ve been circling a little too broadly around the core concept: Find Your Thing.

In many ways this blog violates the blogospheric rule of specificity (a short rest was needed after writing that sentence). And honestly, I don’t have much interest in narrow focus. Sometimes I feel like writing about bees, or cooking, or Italy, or even my dog.

My Welsh Terrier

My hope is that passion is contagious. I had a little help from WordPress this weekend when my post Things That Grow made the Freshly Pressed page. Thank you to all of my new followers who took the time to read, comment and like and follow my ramblings. I am truly humbled and amazed.

Don’t hate me when you realize that I am making this all up as I go! I’m just learning.

But learning is good. Learning is perhaps the one most significant element of Finding Your Thing. There are scientific studies that tell us that constant learning is good for the brain. It fights off mental disease, aging, hair loss and decreases you chances of alien abduction.

I have no idea what studies these are, but I’ve heard about them. Google It.

This blog is our three-day-a-week brain-cell workout. Sometimes more, sometimes less. Like after we’ve had a few too many glasses of wine and don’t feel like going to the gym the next morning.

And with that as a premise it is my hope to not only inspire you to find your thing, but also to get you excited about learning. We will laugh, succeed and fail together (though not in that exact order).

I’ll try to keep focused, though I can’t promise I won’t digress and start thinking about muddy rain boots.



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6 responses to “Learning Things

  1. I really like your blog, and I think your theme is perfect because I feel like while some may have a certain thing there are others, like myself who have many things and are still experimenting with new things everyday!

  2. I so totally appreciate your blog and love that you have included you dog! I can not stop including my Dog or horse in my blog. Your photography is breath taking.

  3. LeBlogDuSpectateurSentimentale

    being flexible is The Thing! World is a mixture of different topics. Oh, what a beautiful world!

  4. Hey Ken! Found your blog when you were Freshly Pressed, congrats on that! Absolutely LOVE your dog as I grew up with Airedales and they are the best! By the way, if you don’t have one already, get yourself a cheap laser pointer, as Airedales love chasing the little red light around the house! Keep yp the great work on your blog, we love it! Check out ours too when you get the chance! Our blog is about our Dog named Nikita and all the “things” that happen in her life! http://www.nikitaland.wordpress.com

    • Our dog looks like an Airedale (which I love) but he is in fact a Welsh Terrier (sometimes referred to as miniature airedales). He has many of the same qualities, but in a 20 lb dog!

  5. viviennemackie

    Hi Ken,
    I also think your theme is perfect—so you can cover whatever takes your fancy at any particular moment. That’s what I do too in Around and About with Viv. But, I must say that it’s great to read about Provence and your life there. Will enjoy following your adventures!

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