Pasadena Farmhouse

Some days when I have a few extra minutes after dropping my kids off at school I take little side trips through the area and look for interesting homes. This 1880s farmhouse sits smack in the middle of a suburban neighborhood in Pasadena, CA. The tree-lined street is home to modest craftsman bungalows from the early 1900s and later war-time era homes of the 40s and 50s.

The owner of 25 years said that over the decades of working on the house she has found all sorts of interesting artifacts–old booze bottles, newspaper clippings and medicine jars.

It’s nice to find little slices of history in your own backyard!



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3 responses to “Pasadena Farmhouse

  1. I was born in Pasadena. i didn’t live there long but what i do remember are the homes in the area. I love many of the arts and crafts style homes with the big porches too. thanks for the memories!

  2. I like this pictures, but I love your banner for your blog. Wonderful.

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