Something is Baking

I mentioned that baking was one of my things. This afternoon I pulled out one of the more inspirational baking books on the shelf, “The Art and Soul of Baking” and flipped through to find something I thought I could handle with ingredients in the house. Sometimes you just want to get on with things with a minimum of fuss.

Espresso chocolate hazelnut biscotti called to me. I love dipping crispy biscotti in my morning latte, and the recipe didn’t seem like it would require too much of me on a lazy Monday holiday. Since my supply of hazelnuts was completely out (okay, I never really had any hazelnuts) I substituted some sliced almonds that we keep on hand for tossing into salads.

There is something intellectually and emotionally satisfying about baking. Baking requires a certain amount of precision and attention to detail. You need to slow down, think about what you are doing and pay attention to the job at hand. If you are a person who can’t stand following directions and demand instant gratification then baking probably isn’t your thing. Stray too far from a recipe without understanding the underlying principles at work and you can almost guarantee a disaster in the making. But if you learn the basics, have a good understanding of what you are doing and where you are headed, and have a little patience, good things will come to you.

And isn’t much of life like that?



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3 responses to “Something is Baking

  1. I keep a biscotti jar both in my kitchen and on my desk at work filled with biscotti at all times!! Chocolate and hazelnut is a great combo – of course, substituting with almonds sounds just as good!!!

  2. cookiemomma

    Looks absolutely AMAZING

  3. Angie

    I love to bake! I do not love reading directions….except when baking! I’m going to branch out and try some new things over spring break. French bread is one of my must learn to bake items! Any tips?

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