The Thing is in the Details

When you’ve found something that speaks to you, take time to dig beneath the surface and explore its possibilities. In photography it is called mining the subject. It’s easy to point, click, and be on our way. Search the web for images of the Eiffel Tower and you will find that 90% of them were taken from the same angle. It takes time and effort to look past the obvious and develop an understanding of how we feel about something. What did the Eiffel Tower say to those 10 people that the other 90 didn’t hear?

I believe the thing is in the details. You may be passionate about someone or something but when asked to describe why I suspect you will begin to describe the little things. I loved Italy, but 12 years later I remember it in intense little slices of time. The scent of a jasmine vine. The cool sweet texture of gelato. The quality of light on ochre walls. The ringing of church bells. The special little things that make up the whole.

When you find your thing, take your time and celebrate the details.




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