A Weekly Thing or Two

This week’s post about ceramics artist Sarah Gutierrez was the most read post yet on my admittedly very young blog. Thank you to everyone who took the time to read about Sarah and respond so positively. Each week I hope to feature a person who has found their thing and who I think speaks to our need to express ourselves with creativity and passion.

In between these weekly profiles I’ll be  sharing the things that I’m excited about, the things I’m learning, and also respond to your comments, ideas and suggestions.

One of the things I’ve undertaken this year is a 365 Project. That is committing to taking and posting a photo each day, all year. The photo below is my most recent.

Oak Trees - Pasadena, CA

I was drawn to the repetitive shapes and textures of the trees, and the contrast between the organic shapes of the trees and the concrete sidewalk. The shape of the far left tree provided a natural frame, and the strong diagonal of the sidewalk provides a nice leading line to draw the eye into the frame. Finally, I made the choice to convert this to black and white because for me this image was more about form, line and texture than color, which tends to be very dominant and can distract the eye from seeing these other elements.

Hope you like it!


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