Jill in Paris

Had to pass along this post from photographer Sue Bryce’s blog… Amazing images, and an amazing story unfolding in Paris.



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Hip Things

Meet Lynn and Ava. Hip, cool, retro and just darn nice people. I had the pleasure of shooting their portraits the other day and wanted to share a few. Hopefully you can tell how much fun I had, becauseI was smiling just as much as they were!


Whatever your thing is, make sure you are having fun and doing what you love. Life is too short to be doing things you don’t want to do.


All Images ©2012 Ken Wallace Films LLC / La Belle Tu Portrait Studio



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My Things

My Bag

I”ve always thought it was fun to peek inside a photographer’s camera bag, so I though I would share mine. It is pretty minimal, but seems to do give me the tools I need in most situations!

When I go out with my camera I carry my LowePro bag with just the essentials. For me, the essentials are:

  • Canon EOS 5D Mk III
  • Canon 24-105mm IS zoom lens
  • Canon 70-200mm IS II zoom lens
  • Canon 24mm f1.4 lens
  • Canon 680 EX strobe
  • Rapid shoulder strap
  • Color Checker Passport
  • Extra 32GB SD Card

I might also carry a few other things outside the bag, such as:

  • Lastolite Pro Tri-Grip Reflector
  • Manfroto Tripod
  • 3 meters of diffusion material

And for off-camera flash work I will add:

  • Pocket Wizard TT1 and TT5 remote triggers
  • Lastolite Ezybox Speed-Lite




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The Whole Wide World

This week was spent taking a trip down memory lane. I scanned through 14 years of home videos to put together a video piece for La Belle Tu called Whole Wide World. It is the story of “a little girl with great big plans” and set to a catchy tune by Mindy Gledhill from Triple Scoop Music.

While the existing videos provided footage for about half of the piece, the concept of a mother and daughter who capture a moment in time taking photos together required putting on a small shoot at the La Belle Tu studio.

We shot our talented cast (my wife and daughter) using a Canon 5D Mark 3 as well as a Canon Vixia HD digital video camera as they experience their photo shoot together. I must say that I have a whole new respect for filmmakers. It isn’t easy directing a movie—even one that is only 3 minutes long!

The final video tells the story of a little girl growing up fast and sharing special moments in her life with her mother.

Enjoy the Whole Wide World


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Delicious Things

Near our home in San Gabriel is a small cafe called Alexandra’s Table. The owner (Alexandra, of course!) let me shoot her portrait at her business last week, and I wrote a short piece about her on my photography site blog:


Her story is a great example of a woman who has found her passion, followed it, and developed it into a hugely successful business that supports her and her family. Of course it helps that her food is absolutely delicious!

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Momma, I miss my daddy …Version 2

I am sharing this post from my sister, who lost her husband recently and is in the process of healing.

Momma, I miss my daddy …Version 2.

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Re-blogging from my La Belle Tu photography site.  Hope you enjoy!


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New Things

I’ve been a bit absent on my blog lately and I apologize for being gone so long. There are lots of new things going on in my life and it just seems like the days race by! One of those new things is that I have started a photography business called La Belle Tu (The Beautiful You). For me, this is the natural evolution of finding my thing. Taking beautiful pictures is something that energizes and inspires me. FindYourThing has always been driven by my photography and this summer the opportunity came up to take the next step and make photography a very serious part of my life.

La Belle Tu is a portrait studio with the mission to take beautiful pictures of real women. Not models or actresses, but everyday women from 8 to 80 who want to experience what it is like to take some time out for themselves and spend an afternoon looking and feeling glamourous.

To accomplish this we converted our garage into a small studio that has a dedicated make-up and hair room, a private changing room and natural light studio with multiple backdrops for shooting.

The result was a fantastic small studio–a perfect environment for shooting portraits just steps from my back door! From idea to completion the entire project took just a few weeks. It is amazing to discover what you can accomplish in a short time with a little planning and a lot of hard work.

To see more photos and find out about La Belle Tu please have a look at our website and drop us a line. And of course if you find yourself in Los Angeles schedule a shoot!


Ken Wallace




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Fresh Things

I love finding a good farmers’ market. Today we strolled through the streets of downtown Boise, Idaho and sampled an amazing assortment of fresh grown foods.

Our morning started out with a coffee at a local shop that reputedly had the best coffee in town. That’s a phrase you hear a lot, but I have to admit that it was at least the best coffee I’ve had in Boise so far…

We then met up with family and began our urban market exploration…

There were fresh vegetables and fruit of course, but also cheese, honey, bread, wine, crepes and flowers of all sorts.

It reminded me of the markets in France.

It was getting warm out, and pretty crowded, so we made our final purchases and worked our way back to our little guest house a few blocks away…

Seriously, when you are able to find porcini mushrooms in Boise, Idaho I think we are finally able to enjoy the kinds of markets that little villages in France and Italy have had for generations.


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Beautiful Things

On Saturday morning the parents of the Pasadena Waldorf School braved the brisk California 70 degree morning air and gathered under partially cloudy skies  to witness the 8th Grade class graduation ceremony.

All Waldorf events start with food. It is tradition that for the graduation, the 7th grade class provides the reception, and we were greeted with a wonderful spread of homemade scones, finger sandwiches, hot coffee and tea.

A PWS graduation is unlike the typical middle school ceremony. The classes are small (21 kids are in the 8th grade class) and so there is time to spend reflecting on the individual children and what the event means as they transition into being young adults. The families are recognized, thoughtful and funny speeches are made and songs are sung.

Waldorf events are big on ritual and symbolism. Flowers are taken and given, songs are sung and poems recited. Watching my daughter sitting there with her class it was hard not to tear up and get all mushy.

PWS students are an amazing group of kids. They are confident, artistic and ready to take on the world. The education produces creative thinkers who have a sense of their humanity and place in the world.

This year will see the beginning of the Pasadena Waldorf High School. Our daughter will be in the first class–a class of less than 15 kids. They will be the pioneers, shaping the school for future classes.

Our daughter gave us a rose and a card with the following note inside:

“Dear Mon and Dad, I am so grateful for all the work and dedication you have put in for me to receive this education. Each of you have put so much time into making all this possible. Without Waldorf, I believe that I would be a completely different person than I am now. Thank you for everything. Love, Paige.”

Continuing her Waldorf education into high school was totally her decision to make, and I think it took courage. In a class of 500 you can blend in, find a little group of friends and feel safe.

In a class of 15 kids there is no place to hide.

The years are racing by at the speed of light and it is all we can do to hang on, love one another, and savor the moments we have together.


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